Monthly Archives: February 2011

Flip for Entire Solutions

A new digital brochure has been designed by Synaxis for Entire Solutions showcasing their services and customer feedback. It will be used by their sales force and also be linked in to their website.

The full brochure can bee seen here…

New online digital brochure for Entire Solutions


Love your BMW…

Synaxis are proud to have been chosen to design a new campaign for Benham BMW in Wolverhampton promoting product packages for protecting your BMW. The products include metal and paintwork protection as well as tyre and shortfall insurance.

Cover of a 6 page leaflet promoting the new scheme.


Simon Pagett – Back to Uni….

I was honoured to be asked to present a talk to students of Staffordshire University about entrepreneurialship within the creative industries. Despite some initial nerves (I was a lecturing virgin!) I think it went quite well and I, at least, enjoyed the experience.

Preparing for the talk made me think closely about what it has taken to get this far, the hurdles and the difficulties but also the joys and immense benefits of setting up in business.

In the Q&A session afterwards, several questions were posed like ‘what are your working hours’ and ‘do you get weekends off?’. The answer is of course ‘long’ hours and ‘not often!’ However, I did have to point out that if I were working for someone else these things could well be an issue. With the situation as it is it really isn’t a problem and I am always happy putting the effort in because I know I will see all the rewards.

The experience really made me appreciate how much I love doing this! And if I have imparted any small morsel of useful information to the burgeoning crop of new talent preparing for harvest later this year I will be very happy.


Simply Offices Website

A new website designed by Synaxis for Wolverhampton based Simply Offices has now been launched.

One of the inner pages. There is subtle animation included throughout the site



Stadium redevelopment plans were announced to be going ahead at the end of the season. Branding for the scheme along with various launch materials including exhibition panels, press pack folders and CDs were designed by Synaxis Design Consultancy

molineuxpride exhibition panel

Jez Moxey, Steve Morgan and John Gough in front of a molineuxpride exhibition panel


Matt Murray Testimonial Year Branding

Synaxis have created a logo and branding style for Matt Murray’s Testimonial Year activities which will raise funds for several good causes locally and internationally.

Launch Day

Matt and his Testimonial Year logo on launch day