Wolves Annual Golf Day

Wolves Annual Golf Day at Carden Park

Jamie O'Hara features on the brochure and menu...

Wolves Annual Golf Day at Carden Park is fast approaching and here is a sample of some of the work Synaxis has created for the big day. Here you can see the brochure and menu covers along with the Cheshire and Nicklaus Course passes.


Jamie O’Hara won the honours of being this year’s cover star, set against a stunning Carden Park. The brochure does, however, also contain pictures of many of the first team in golf mode – and Mick McCarthy cruising in his golf cart.

The Carden Park Golf Day is now sold out, but if you are interested in taking part next year please contact the Wolves Commercial Team on 0871 222 2220. Wolves are also planning a European Golf Day in November which has a couple of places still up for grabs.


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